Wednesday, July 18

Lace and cashmere

Well, the lace on the Silver Reed got going eventually, despite a slight jolt in the pattern when I restarted last night....

This is how far I got on a shawl - took me two evenings. Alas, the yarn snapped again and I was knitting across too fast to stop, and everything fell off the machine. Might just bin that cone, though it goes against all my principles... it's some kind of acrylic anyway, nothing fancy. Lace is probably not a very good idea for elderly yarn, really! Perhaps punch lace would be better? Took me ages to get that far, too - I started with 4 sts on the far left of the machine, and increased every two rows until I was the full width of the bed, and I had just started to decrease again. Looks like it would make quite a decent shawl size, though, so I shall keep at it!

The cashmere pashmina. It's really soft and drapeable!

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