Friday, August 31

The Finland haul, finished socks and lizard ridge

A few more pics...

Two pics of Lizard Ridge - finished sewing the seams late last night. Now all it needs is a crochet border and some weaving in.

Finally finished the second baby sock. Only took three attempts to make it the same!

The Finland haul - sock yarn and two balls of mohair - I see an airy shawl in its future. Plus the Marimekko fabric

Need to start packing for Dream Week, and decide if I'm going to take any of my knitted tops to wear. Hmm!

Oven packed up last night, so G's gonna have lots of fun next week, figuring out how to cook for himself without it!


Robbie Watson said...

The baby socks look so fantastic, as does the lizard ridge. Thank you SO much for gonig to the trouble of doing the socks.

I saw the pattern for the afghan on Knitty and tried to have a go at it myself but couldn't figure it out as I'm thick - perhaps I'll figure it out one day!

This blog is amazing!


Joy said...

I just love it (the lizard rigde blanket). You are is faithful, to start and complete such a hugh poject. Well done.

To be honest a fine gauge machine isn't really worth the money, as you can use the standard gauge and get similiar results. The singer machine does a one action lace if you do alot of lace knitting, otherwise the standard machine is fine. I tend to use 2/14 quiet alot and use my brother 940.

God Bless