Sunday, September 2

Free pattern: Knitted all-in-one Ipod Nano cosy

I made this pattern up on the Helsinki trip - it's all in one, because I didn't pack any scissors...

Yarn: Any DK. I used Colinette Lasso in purple.
Needles: 3.75mm
Cast on 12 sts (add an even no. of stitches here if you want to make it wider)
Knit two rows 1 x 1 rib
Continue in stocking stitch for 68 rows (or length of ipod x 2, + 2.5cm for flap).
Knit two rows 1 x 1 rib
Cast off all stitches, but leave the last loop on the needle. Do not break yarn.
Foldind the work in half, wrong sides together, so that the cast on edge is 2.5 cm lower than the cast-off edge (this is to make a flap for the cover). Pick up a stitch from the edge of the material that lines up with your current position, and knit it. Pick up two stitches, one from front, one from back, and k together until you reach the bottom corner of the cosy. Turn, and cast off these stitches. Do not break yarn.

Work across the cast-off edge of the pocket and the other side in the same manner. When you have cast off the last side, you should have a ready-sewn "pocket". Do not break yarn.

Replace knitting needle with a size 3mm crochet hook, and work double crochets up the side of the flap and to the middle of it. Work 4 chain (this makes the button loop) then continue working dcs until you reach the end.

If you don't want a neck loop, break the yarn here. Otherwise, work ch st until you have the required length for a neck loop. Slip stitch this to the other side of the pocket, taking care not to twist the chain. Work 1 ch, sl st to the pocket, then work 1 dc into every chain to make the neck loop a little thicker.

Sl st to the pocket, break yarn, weave in ends.

Well, I'm all packed for the Dream Week - had a big batch of ironing done, so a lot of tops etc will be hanging around in the back of the car and not packed. Must print out a route map - think I'll be taking the new toll road for a change.

Packing Helen's socks and the lace scarf - I think I may just continue with the latter until it looks like a decent length. 16 repeats, as per the pattern, might be fine for a cravat, but a scarf, it is not!

Finished the first piece of my wave jumper on the chunky knitting machine. I'm really pleased the way it turned out. However, I've got a sneaking feeling there might not be enough yarn for long sleeves - I will have to see what I can do. The yarn can only be ordered in 8 packs and I doubt I'll need that much more. Short sleeves may be the order of the day. A little surprised, because the auction site clearly shows a long-sleeved polo neck jumper, and I'm not doing any kind of neck on this, it will be a boat neck.

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