Monday, August 20

Getting through the UFOs

I've removed the beach tote from my side bar - the machine it was started on is packed away, and anyway I'm not happy with the bits done so far, so they got binned.

Likewise the free form knitted bag. It's been lined and ready to sew up for ages, but I don't like the shape of it, it flares at the top. So some unpicking might be in order!

Had a major steaming session yesterday and did all the LR squares. Now I need to find time to lay them all out and start sewing. Think I'll probably link them into strips with the linker. Got some black wool for this express purpose!

Need to get onto that third sock this week, as it will be required for the 1st Sept. Off to Helsinki at the weekend, so not sure I can take any knitting - my sock needles are metal and thus could be deemed dangerous. How long do you think it'd take to stab someone to death with a 2mm DPN? Several days, I would have thought - you'd get arrested before you ever got that far. Pah!

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