Tuesday, August 21

Linking the lizards...

The Cog and I played a big game of Lizard Ridge jigsaw on the bed last night. I think we came up with a combination that we both liked. I get antsy if I spot two squares of the same colour too close together. It's a balance thing.

I read a useful tip for using the Hague linker online last week - after mounting both pieces, weave any ends up and down over the linker prongs - that way, the ends get sewn in too = even less making up! As this afghan will have at least 98 ends and probably more, plus a complement of vertical floats down one side of each piece, this is a handy piece of advice!

So far I've 28 pieces linked into two strips, and the third strip is partly done. I have a sore thumb now. That linker is sharp! =)


BeadKnitter said...

Ah yes. the linker. I love mine. I have a Hague electric linker. I have a story to tell about my linker. One day I dragged it out of my knitting room and put it on the dining room table. I was going to be linking some rather large afghan strips and wanted some elbow row (knitting room very small and crowded with knitting gear). I plugged it in and started threading the yarn I was going to link with. I still don't know what I did to cause it, but suddenly my linker flipped over and slammed sideways onto the table. The very sharp needles cut right through the electrical cord. There was a horrible snap sound, many sparks, much smoke, and a scream (from me). Hubby came running and yanked the linker plug out of the wall. I'm lucky to be alive. There's still a gouge in the top of my beautiful dining room table, but the linker works fine after hubby replaced the cord on it.

Moral of story? Linkers are too top heavy. Don't flip yours over while plugged in.

steel breeze said...

yikes! glad mine's just manual then!

At least you weren't hurt!