Wednesday, August 22

Kauni kauni kauni!

Help! I've been seduced by the colours of this yarn!...

I'm not sure, however, how I feel about making the cardigan with steeks (places where you cut the knitting), that everyone's raving about. I could use a cardigan, more than all the jumpers I've got planned in my head. Despite our rotten weather this year, having this rug's worth of hair on my head causes me to mutter lots and wander about half-dressed (in the privacy of my home only, of course!) because I'm too hot. The yarn arrived from Janet's Rare Yarns (Ebay) today, and it's as gorgeous as it looks.

So much for the ebay/yarn diet. I am failing miserably!


LR is gradually being sewn up on the linker. I have stabbed my thumb several times in the exact same spot, to the point I've had to put a plaster on it or refrain from knitting/further linking. I did all the vertical seams last night, including one which had to come undone, as I ended up with four loose squares at the bottom and three at the top!! Glad I spotted that one before I went any further! Completed the first of six horizontal seams this morning - was debating hand-sewing these, as they are ridges and troughs and I want that emphasized, but it's coming out OK on the linker so I shall carry on! Next task is to trim/weave in ends and work a crochet border with the leftovers. Now that'll take some time!

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dancingbarefoot said...

That is some gorgeous yarn! Very tempting indeed.

Congrats on the LR progress, too. Can't wait to see a finished photo!