Sunday, September 9

Lace woes, and some Dream Week photos

On closer inspection, the lace scarf pattern I was following is for a DK yarn. Alas, I picked the pattern based on the amount of yarn I had, and didn't check out the type it required...

So this is the finished "scarf" - the book in the photo is A5, to give you some idea of scale.

Finally complete - the Lizard Ridge afghan on our sofa. It took four nights to crochet the edging on, which has not been blocked. The cat loves it already!

Metropolitan Machine Knitting, Friday morning, before the hordes arrived.

Knitted wire necklace - three "i-cords" of 4 strands of wire, plaited together.

My Dream Week competition entry - I called it Murphy's bag, G nicknamed it Sideshow Bob. What a wit!

Just had tinned bear with ginger, fish sauce, dill, peppers, shallots and thai spiced potato wedges. I got to eat most of the bear, which looks a bit like corned beef, because G wasn't keen.

Current mood: working


Julie said...

I love the way the lizard ridge afghan turned out and the colours are great :)

I also like the look of the knitted wire necklace - very pretty. Was it difficult to knit the wire into the i-cords?

steel breeze said...

Not really - it's 4 strands of v v fine electrical wire. It's really soft.