Friday, September 7

Machine maintenance and returning home...

After the Thursday night black yarn competitions, Carol intimated that her hubby would be giving the final lecture of the week. Nobody believed her, but she was actually telling the truth!

Mark does all the maintenance and repairs at Metropolitan, and gave us some useful information about preventative maintenance. I also saw the new PC10 in the flesh, as it were - £600! Will have to save up for that if the EC10 and PE1 give up the ghost.

Dream Week was excellent, although not as hands-on as I'd hoped. My machine stayed packed all week and the ribber never came out of the car, so I'm glad I never got around to labelling all the parts. I'm not sure I'd particularly want to stay at the Alvaston again though. My room was tiny and a bit shabby, and the restaurant service very understaffed, although I had no complaints about the quality of the food itself. If I go up again I may well camp - you can camp right outside Metropolitan! That would bring the cost down considerably!

Decided not to stop for lunch on the way home as I really wanted to get back. The oven repair folk didn't show up 'til half 2, so I needn't have worried about missing them! There were two little holes blown in the element, a result of turning the oven up to max, which neither of us recalls doing! I'm blaming Tom I think! Apparently if you go much over 200 deg C the fan can't cool the element enough, and that's what happens - poorly designed, I think, but there you go!

Dropped G into Leamington Spa for his night out and am now catching up on emails and smelling a neighbour's barbecque with envy!

Got to the bottom of the Yarn Treehouse yarn not going far enough - I need 15 balls, not the 10 I had thought. So, 10 more are now on their way, which makes me wonder what I shall do with the 10 balls of pastel I also have. Probably enough for a sleeveless shell, but not much else. Hmm, I'll have to think on that one!

Right, off downstairs to make cheese on toast - my stomach craves simple fayre tonight!

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