Monday, November 26

Passap: Entente pas cordiale

The Passap and I have come to an agreement. I try to knit on him (it just HAS to be male!) and it beeps at me. Plus, I sliced my index finger on a sharp edge underneath the bed. Not impressed.

I was trying to knit 1x1 rib, too - hardly complicated!

I shall keep trying, nevertheless! It will not beat me!

I have discovered an excellent way of "reducing" my stash on Ravelry - put it up for trade! Not much interest so far mind you, and I'd forgotten the yarn treehouse stuff was up there so went and used it. Oops!


I am focusing on finishing the koigu lace scarf and the curly wurly waistcoat. It's amazing how fast things progress when you concentrate instead of frittering energy away on other things. I must admit, I do like "instant gratification" projects though, like that felted tote.

Trying to teach myself to knit lace and watch television at the same time. Well, listen to it anyway. Last night I did half a repeat whilst almost watching "Goldeneye". It's OK, I've seen it before.

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Knitman said...

When my female Passap did this to me, I found there was a bit of greasy fluff on the rail just under the colourchanger.

Passaps are very temperamental.