Sunday, December 30

New fireplace/Christmas haul/new scarf

The fireplace was finally finished on 22nd December. Talk about cutting it fine!

Just been turned on. Thomas is pretty chuffed with it (and the new rug).

Spot the reflection.

Yep. "It's too hot! But rather nice!"

I did rather well for presents this year - £20 of M&S vouchers, £25 of Hobbycraft vouchers, some embroidered jeans and a Swavarovski necklace and earring set I chose myself, lots of Lush stuff, chocolate (natch!), three books - "25 years of Vogue Knitting", "Crochet Encyclopedia" and "Son of Stitch N'Bitch", some Boots cucumber face stuff (G used mine all up!), a super pink suitcase - mine is a small one for weekends away, plus it's never been the same since Barcelona - don't ask! Also, a scarf and a bag jewel, a Murano glass necklace, some Christmas candles, and a delicate silver angel "mobile" - don't know what else you'd call it, but you place it over a nightlight and it spins. I've discovered you can remove the candle and place it over the fire and it spins too!

But my top presents were a Palm Treo smartphone and a DVD burner, courtesy of my darling G. The 'phone is totally OTT for what I need, but it's fantastic. It takes pictures, does voice memos, is a speakerphone, can connect to the internet, and is also a Palm organiser so I have spent the last few days transferring over all my favourite games. I've turned into a Bejewelled addict, too! The DVD burner, whilst not quite so exciting, has allowed me to back up all my stuff and mp3 files, so I can start anew putting all my CDs into Itunes (it was getting really messy!)

Funnily enough my old mobile has been playing up recently - it needs a new battery - and I was looking into getting another battery but decided to wait until after Christmas. I'll probably still do that, and then sell it on Ebay - it was a groundbreaking phone when it came out, including an infrared modem and FM radio, so although it's black and white, it's still a nice phone!

Slight grump here - went to buy some bras from M&S, and their changing rooms are closed until the New Year. So I walked out, complaining loudly. I have no intention of buying something I can't try on first, and no intention of trying on such an item in the middle of the shop. To be fair, I could have just moved the chairs they'd put in front of the changing rooms, I suppose. I guess they can't staff the changing rooms whilst the sales are on and whilst everyone's returning things, but still! I have no intention of stealing bras!

Some knitting content? Oh, OK then! Spent two days making a zig-zag scarf. Took me quite a few attempts to do it, and I ended up with a small blister because it uses the racking handle rather a lot. But it came out really well, eventually. Pattern and photos to follow shortly.

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Rabbitch said...

Nice load of pressies!

We got mostly gift cards here, and I accidentally bought myself two skeins of alpaca (but it's for a gift for someone else -- the gift part to me is the making of it -- so I can pretend that didn't happen at all).

Best wishes for the new year!