Monday, December 31

Green scarf

Do you remember this technique? Bill King taught it on one of his workshop days in Long Buckby. I've long been meaning to turn it into a scarf pattern.

Pattern in close-up - yes, bottle green is not exactly an ideal colour. Yes, the ends needed weaving in.

Finished scarf.

Being tuck, it takes about 930-odd rows and 850-odd racking movements to create this scarf, but it's worth it for the finished product. As it is done using the ribber it is reversible too. I love reversible fabrics! Pattern to follow soon - I need to weigh the finished article. Pattern is here

I've been messing about with the chunky machine today. I saw a lovely scarf in Boots that was in a wide rib, but every so often the stitches were double-height, it made a lovely lacey/leafy pattern. Been figuring it out on the knitting machine - you set up ribbing, set the machine to half pitch, k a few rows, add in some empty needles, K a few more rows, drop the additional needles, repeat on the other bed. Will post a sample and proper instructions when I've polished the technique without dropping stitches I didn't mean to! :)

Well, I don't think I'll be getting much more knitting done this year, so am posting my finished projects of 2007 post. Haven't I been a busy little bee?!

Best wishes to all my readers for a happy and healthy 2008

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dancingbarefoot said...

Very nice! Racking patterns are so striking, don't you think?