Monday, December 31

Completed projects 2007

Some quick dishcloths, using this pattern and some Elmore-Pisgah Peaches N Creme. A present for a friend.

Socks for Jo. No, not all matchy-matchy. Life's too short!

Bean-bag sewn for my niece

Blanket for Feed the Children

Cashmere pashmina

Emily hat, with rather sad pompom!

Tunisian dishcloth, first attempt

Charity jumpers

Ballband dishcloth

A bunch of charity tees, to go to Guidepost's Knit for Kids.

My test sample in Rowan cotton

Crocheted headphone covers

Hat for a smurf?

The baby cardigan. Just needs buttons!

If you look closely you'll spot the addition of 4 magenta pearly heart buttons. Sweet!

Recycled carrier bag

Finished Otis - it's not really curved, I just did that to get it into shot!

Loud cotton socks

Hand-knitted cotton socks

Thomas and the tuck stitch blanket.

A judiciously embroidered Knit Wits banner - can you see the joins?! :)

Needle-felted flower

Pink hoodie for niece

Cabled cushion cover

Aran top and charity tee

Reversible hat

Murphy's bag

So this is the finished "scarf" - the book in the photo is A5, to give you some idea of scale.

Finally complete - the Lizard Ridge afghan on our sofa. It took four nights to crochet the edging on, which has not been blocked. The cat loves it already!

Knitted wire necklace - three "i-cords" of 4 strands of wire, plaited together.

First cut and sew jumper

Felted bag - my new fave bag!

Another felted bag. Didn't turn out quite so well.

Finished waves jumper - and a guest appearance by Amelia!

Blue socks

French market bag

Felted tote

Mohair stole

Curly wurly waistcoat


Aran scarf

Wavy scarf

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Hey there. How did you created your finished objects pages?