Friday, January 4

Blogstalker Week 12 - Year-End Reflection

Ok, so I am a bit late with this one, it being the 4th January, but what the hell?!

2007 in review:

Not a bad year, really. A low point was getting a nasty bout of food poisoning in March. High points were tackling new techniques (felting, lace), teaching at Crafty Cottage, finishing the LR afghan and getting my new car.

Proudest Accomplishment of 2007:

Finishing my OCNCE in machine knitting, despite not being able to attend the course anymore and having to work from home on Saturdays. Thanks, Mr Blair!

Something You Would Like to Accomplish in 2008:

Getting down to a more sensible weight.

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Georgiann said...

We have the same goal for 2008! Of course, that was also my goal for 2007. Good luck to you!