Friday, January 25

Another reversible hat

I just love these - a piece of straight knitting, gathered at both ends, seamed into a kind of lozenge shape and then turned into a hat. The latest one was made using up oddments of self-patterning sock yarn, and some white acrylic. The SK840 dropped stitches a bit on the left-hand edge for some reason, possibly I should have moved the pattern cams in slightly. I think this is a bit too girly for BISS. Ok, I want it for myself!

Maybe when money is less tight I should look for a model head on Ebay. Photographing's one head is a pain in the bum!

Teaching a sock knitting class tomorrow. I hope they are well-behaved because there are at least 7 of them and I may well be hoarse by the end of it otherwise!

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BeadKnitter said...

Hi! What? No pic of the hat?

I don't know about where you live, but here we can get styrofoam heads at beauty shop supply stores. They're used to display wigs in beauty shops and they are very cheap ($4 usd) Might give it a try.