Saturday, January 26

WIPs and FOs

Whoops. I didn't mean to send that last post, I thought I'd saved it as draft, I was going to add the photos I hadn't at that point taken, in with it. Friday night got away from me, with having to fix a minor PC problem, and then I started a new MK project.

I'm making this hooded jacket, with the el-cheapo magenta acrylic I picked up in Busy Fingers. I'm omitting the pockets (although I might add side pockets into the seam, depends how much yarn I have left). The original pattern was knitted in 2 ends of 2ply knitted with card 1 in fair-isle, but I'm knitting it in DK on the chunky machine using the knitleader. It's also knitted with parts in mock rib - I think two thicknesses of DK will be too much, so I shall use a proper rib. Done the back and one front so far.

Sock for G. Note, it is inside out, it will be turned on completion. The SK840 only knits circular in one direction.

Reversible hat - side one

Reversible hat - side two

Today I ran a sock knitting workshop at the Crafty Cottage. I think I may have baffled everyone with the short-row wrapping technique, but they all got the hang of knitting in the round eventually which is an excellent start.

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BeadKnitter said...

Hee hee. Sometimes our computers like to play tricks on us.

I love the hat! It's so nice and colorful, on both sides.