Sunday, January 20

Blogstalker 08 wk 1 - worst habit

Blogstalker 08 wk 1 - worst habit

My worst habit is probably getting all fired up about making something, and then making it, and then getting bored with it. Some things don't get sewn up for aaaages. I guess I'm a process knitter, not a product knitter.

Unfortunately it's the same in my career too - I'm an ideas/concept person, but I forget all the little tiny details. I don't mean to be sloppy - in fact I'm a perfectionist - but it's just how I am - mind always racing away onto the next thing. My boss and I have recently fallen out over this to such an extent that I am seriously considering my future career options. Time will tell.

I think I take after my dad, bless his soul, in this respect. He nearly always had his flies undone and would regularly miss belt loops on his trousers; he'd also tuck his shirt into his underpants so that they showed over his trouser tops. A fashionable look now, but not back then! :)

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