Thursday, January 17

Never fear, Steely-B is (still) here!

Just had a message from Mandy asking if I am still alive, yes indeedy I am.

Been real busy with a major project at work, a new evening gym regime and sorting out materials for fortnightly workshops at Crafty Cottage.. So I've been a bit too shattered to face a metal bed with 200 sharp needles in it - plus the chunky machine is still packed away from last Saturday and will be until after next Wed as it's accompanying me to Wonderwool for a mini-demo to the knitters there. Haven't actually done any machine knitting this year, excepting Saturday's workshop. Blimey!

Hand-knitting and crochet is continuing - on Tori and on the catherine wheel baby blanket respectively - but nothing is finished so nothing much to photograph, I'm afraid.

Finally sewed up some jumpers made during National Knitting Week last Oct - they will be going to Romania next week.

Ran an "Intro to machine knitting" workshop on Saturday for K (Knit the knits) at the Crafty Cottage - I think I got her inspired to get going on her machine and eschew the crappy cast-on comb that the manual foolishly recommends. Scaring MK newbies with metallic grinding noises is not the way to encourage people!

Right, gotta go, stuff to do!

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maryannlucy said...

Just wanted to say that it was great to meet you today in Warwick, and I look forward to seeing you again hopefully at a workshop to brush up my skills. Take care, Caroline