Sunday, February 24

Busy as a bee

Been up since 6am - actually woke about 2am - serves me right for going to bed early on two glasses of wine, I always wake up when I sober up! So have been knitting, or thinking about knitting for nearly 11 hours (apart from a 1 hour jaunt to the supermarket!)

Before breakfast I removed the arms from the Lizard Ridge jumper, and removed two repeats. I can't remember if the sleeves were too long before I washed it, but they were certainly ridiculous afterwards! Will probably sew them back on tonight. That jumper needs a shave, too, it's pilling terribly.

Crystal Palace Taos - knitted swatch which is curling, and felted swatch. I'm not entirely sure of the size of the felted one, it's just a sample for the Crafty Cottage. If you think it looks crumpled, it was actually football-shaped when it came out of the washing machine!!

This is lovely soft yarn, and yes, I cheated, made them on the knitting machine, knitted up no trouble at all. Another yarn for the "objects of desire" list!!

A small felted purse from Yarn Treehouse Rhythmn... I keep finding more odd balls of this!

Basketweave crochet baby blanket.

Close-up of pattern. It is made by making 4 front post trebles and then 4 back post trebles, and then changing the pattern every 4 rows. Really effective, and uses lots of yarn.

Sneak preview of the intarsia sample I'll be walking the Coventry Knit-Wits through on Wednesday.

The Cog is downstairs making coq au vin and he is taking me to the flicks tonight, as I have now lost a whole 14lbs this year! Hopefully he'll also let me have one scoop of ice-cream, too! Yay!

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