Tuesday, February 26

Inspirations from M&S

Really liked this cardigan, but it made me look like a lampshade. Bad cardigan! Might try and see if I can make something similar - it would need to be in a fine, drapey yarn.

Love this too - you can't tell from the pic, but it is in a rose yarn that changes colour, and the fronts are knitted on the bias. I am going to attempt to make something similar, with the James C Brett Marble Chunky I fell for last year. I love my knitleader!

Both of these are from Marks and Spencers. I do like their Per Una range, and having lost nearly a stone this year my mind is lusting after clothes - I've been on a clothes diet. What's the point in buying large clothes if you are trying to shrink. Heck, I should use that as my diet inspiration - lose weight, treat myself!

In other news, I successfully shortened the sleeves of the Lizard Ridge jumper. Now, if I could just fix the hem from curling..... and give it a shave. Have to get one of those jumper-shaving things, have seen them in Hobbycraft...

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