Monday, February 11

Garter bars and mohair fuzz

Took the day off to attend an MK Guild meeting (the local Long Buckby group). Dawdled around M&S first; failed to find the long ballet top I fancied in Brum (not on their website, either!) but did find the dropped front cardigan I admired. Made me look like a lampshade, so I did not buy it. Treated myself to some new gym trousers (the bike ate my ancient pair last week!) and some undies with gift vouchers saved from xmas.

Hilary showed everyone how to use the garter bar, and I got to have a go! I bought one on Ebay some time ago, and have never had the nerve to try it. I feel a garter striped jumper coming on now! :)

Someone brought in 14 bags of coned MK yarn and I snagged some mohair - just because the jewel tones (jade and magenta) appealed to my inner child. So much for destashing! :)

Note to anybody winding mohair from skein to ball - clear a space 6ft square of anything you don't want covered in a fine layer of fuzz, around your winding area. Achoo! Might need to get the hoover out methinks!

Have been swatching a few yarns for my next project. Neither have yet "spoken" to me to tell me what they want to be. One is blue with flashes of purple and magenta, and one is variegated pastel chunky from the LYS in Coventry.

Made a few attempts to convert some Elle eyelash yarn into a boa, using the knitting machine, but after several failed attempts and ratty-looking output, it's gone in the bin. Some yarns are just NOT worth the hassle, however pretty they may be!

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