Wednesday, March 5

Knitting diagonally

Well, I was inspired by a cardigan I saw in M&S that had the fronts knitted on the diagonal, ie the V neck of the cardigan was the straight edge. I did two fronts and didn't really like them, so I frogged them, and redrew the cardigan in CAD (sometimes my job has advantages!). I made the left front with no problems, but the right front? First I cast on another left front, (I'm following a knitleader, it's too easy to do that!), then I had to rip back 7 rows because I forgot the buttonhole, then I had to rip right back to the rib because I realised I'd put the buttonhole on the seam side. Whoops! Just cast off at 10:20pm last night. Phew! Sleeves and neckband to go.

I am out of the country on business tonight (sounds flash, but it's training for work) and won't be anywhere near my machines 'til 9pm Thursday, when I will probably be too bushed to do much more than watch "Ashes to Ashes". I've also got to hunt up some decent quality draught excluder - a friend has bought a vintage Vogue knitting machine, and it desperately needs a new sponge bar, in place of the brown disintegrated ick that is currently inside the machine. If anyone in the UK can recommend some decent brands I'd be interested - B&Q's website didn't throw up any really good contenders, I might be looking at a double layer of thinner stuff!

I wonder if anyone's ever tried a sponge bar made from knitted icord? Maybe if you used lycra or elastic? Hmmmm.... perhaps not!

On other fronts, the crochet basketweave baby blanket continues apace, I'm now using up a ball of Crystal Palace Taos which is very, very nice yarn!

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I didn't recognise you. I love your new picture.