Tuesday, May 6

FO: more socks

Finished socks on the Cog. Lost count of how many pairs I've made now.

This deckchair had been up for about 3 minutes yesterday, before Tom decided it was his. This is his "Wanna make something of it?" face.

Dippy staff do get my goat sometimes. I'm trying to overlock some knitted swatches using woolly nylon - alas, on one of the reels the slippery stuff just falls off and then catches and snaps. So I went a-hunting to Dunelm. After waiting ten minutes to speak to the lady on the cloth counter, it was plain she'd never heard of thread netting (it's rather like that plastic mesh you buy bird nuts in). When I explained what it was, she suggested I sew slower. Yeah, right. This is for an overlocker looper, which uses approximately 6mm of thread every 1.5mm of overlocking. Sheesh! Can't believe I had to explain such a thing to a member of staff in her fifties.

Luckily, ebay came up trumps again, which saves me trying to scramble around town in the rush hour. Did think later I could have tried to construct some kind of paper cone, to stop the thread escaping, but never mind...


machknitter said...

Whenever I have this problem with slippy stuff, for mk'ing as well as sewing, I use cut offs from old tights. Pull the yarn through then just tie the neck up.

Tanya said...

Hi Jane, I've come to your site through a link from somewhere else..it's great reading. I wanted to pass along my tip for cones of yarn and thread..the netted bath scrubbers..buy one and take it apart. Then cut to the length you need for a cone of yarn, or a finer netting for a cone of serger thread. Here in So. Calif. we have stores like Dollar Tree or 99cent Store (nothing usually over those amounts) so that pricing isn't so bad.
I've also used old hosiery - recycle and recycle again!
Tanya, So.Calif.