Friday, May 2

Knitting on. And on...

Never fear, I am still knitting around, just nothing much to report ATM. The Kauni continues (not recovered from last week's frogging yet length-wise), a second sock was machine-knitted last night for G (hope to work the 2x2 rib this weekend) and the lace knitting is... resting... might also pick that up this weekend.

I was also inspired by Sarah Chilcott's suggestion in May's MK Guild newsletter, to use up some industrial yarns making blankets for charity - a nice easy knit! Well, perhaps for some, but my chunky carriage is squealing across the bed left to right, despite cleaning - I suspect oiling might be necessary. That is one advantage of the plastic bed machines - less lubrication required.

Anyway, it's been quite pleasing to see three or four cone middles go into the bin. I am determined to make a concerted effort to shift most of the industrial yarn this year, because it's just hanging around getting older and benefits nobody in the attic. Plus it makes me feel guilty when I succumb to yarn purchases of a far more appropriate thickness.

I'm only planning to get hand-knitting done for the next two days, as G booked us a mini-spa break in exotic Birmingham. In fact I am typing this on lunch at work, awaiting the sound of his car. Everyone else has gone down to the pub to celebrate our first accountant moving on, so it's quieter than the grave up here today. We have got some beauty treatments booked in, alas the pool's shut for a refurb but I plan on doing some frivolous shopping tomorrow - might get a new hand-bag - the current one pre-dates my current relationship! I feel the need for some sensible colours of nail-varnish, too - other than bottle green and burgundy I have nowt, the rest got chucked for going gloopy.

The Noro Kureyon socks have been machine-washed successfully - on the 30 minute quick wash - so I might now be tempted to use that on other handwash items. Otherwise they tend to languish in the bottom of the laundry bin for weeks on end - no good to man nor beast. The only downside of the noro socks is that I plied invisible yarn in with the wool for strength, and it is very hard to fasten it off, so consequently I have two gossamer ends sticking out. Have to think of a way to permanently weave them in that won't come undone.

I've booked the afternoon off to go down to the Guild AGM in Dorset in a few weeks. It was either that, or arrive there at gone 8pm and expect my host (who I've never met in person) to have some food on the table for me. And I'd rather get lost (ahem!) in daylight than in dusk, too! More shops and businesses are open during the day should I need to ask directions. I've also booked on the overlocking course - now, if I could just find some local sewing courses that were evenings and not correspondance... heh, I can dream!

Well, that's quite enough wittering from me today. Enjoy your May Day weekend!

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Knitman said...

oh dear, I still haven't sorted out what I am selling in the yarn dept or the machine dept. I must think about it. However, I am knitting. I have almost completed a gc sweater in that merino angora green yarn I bought when we went to that seminar.