Wednesday, June 4

Antique books and hooks

Whilst looking for a way to find out what size an antique crochet hook I have is (it says 4-20) I found the Antique Pattern Library, where individuals are uploading scans of antique patterns. I'm going to have fun browsing this!

If anyone knows what a 4-20 is, let me know. It looks about 1.5mm on my ruler.

Finished the basketweave blanket with two rows of double crochet. I think a wavey or ripple pattern is next.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting on this! My Dad is a genealogist and will LOVE this because well he is old. (NOT)Either way these patterns are of the right time periods for his Mom and her Mom to have both knitted and crochet as was required back in the day. He loves that I am into fiber and that my MACHINES are considered antiques. (well most of them)

I love that a fiber or quiet project is becoming a prerequisite for any gathering again.