Monday, June 9

Taos jacket

I'm on the second arm of the diagonal jacket, an easy bit of garter stitch, and then asides from seaming and adding a collar and buttons, it will be done.

I seem to be cracking on with finishing projects at the moment, asides from the Koigu lace and the Kauni cardigan. It's not stopping me from eyeing up yarn for future projects, though - a patchwork cardi from Prima (approx. yarn cost £57), the handkerchief hem skirt in Noro silk garden, and various odds and sods for a circular yoke sweater in fair-isle. Of these three, I have the yarn on order for the second, and I already have the yarn (acrylic) in my stash for the third. All that remains is for me to decide whether to go with a white or black base. I'm tending towards the white.

I may well head to Elmore-Pisgah for the cotton cardi - comes to something when, even including shipping, it's cheaper to buy yarn in from another continent! Even if the shipping costs more than the yarn itself.

The Coventry Knit Wits are having a pot-luck picnic for Knit in Public day on Saturday - if the weather's fine we will be at the War Memorial park. If it rains, I'm not so sure!

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