Friday, August 15

Obsessive knitting

So I have cast off the first band of the Kauni twice. Scandinavian cast-off was loose and loopy. Two-colour normal cast-off is tight enough to pull the band in visibly. I forgot to bring my circular needle to work, so can't sneakily work on it today (yes, it's too ruddy quiet again). Didn't break the yarn, because I *knew* I'd be undoing it at some point. All 100-odd stitches. Next attempt will be in a single colour methinks.

I have managed to teach myself two-handed colour knitting, at least on the right side of the knitting, which speeds things up a bit. I also found another use for my latch tool - picking up stitches for the buttonhole band. Far quicker than trying to stab the knitting with a blunt implement - I save that for certain co-workers, at least in my head! A senior engineer screamed at me for some prints he wasn't happy with. Replacement prints then sat in print room for over two hours. Plonker!

Got stuck behind someone posting 40 odd parcels in the post office, and when I got back some git had nicked my parking space. No, I am NOT in the best of moods today, despite it being a Friday.

Looks like my Etsy purchase finally showed up though, which is something. A trip to the PDO is in order tomorrow, methinks.

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