Monday, October 27

Short-rowing part 2 - knitting a diagonal corner

Short-rowing, part 2 - knitting a diagonal corner. Yes, I know I said I'd do a sock toe next. I'm sorry, I haven't got around to doing a sock yet. It will be done at some point this week.

Picture 038
1. Cast on some knitting, end COL (Carriage On Left). Pull needle nearest carriage into HOLD, set carriage for HOLD, knit 2 rows. This automatically wraps the first needle, preventing a hole forming.

Picture 039
2. Put next working needle nearest carriage into HOLD, knit 2 rows.

Picture 040
3. As step 2

Picture 041
4. Ok, continue this until you have put all the knitting into hold. COR= Carriage On Right

Picture 043
5. Close-up - every stitch has a wrap except for the right-most one.

Picture 044
6. Push two needles nearest the carriage back to UWP, knit 1 row.

Picture 046
7. Pull nearest working needle back into HOLD, knit 1 row - this wraps the stitches on the way back, too.

Picture 047
8. As step 6

Picture 048
9. As step 7. Repeat steps 6 and 7, until all needles are back in working position. Knit 1 row loosely and cast off.

Picture 049
10. Close up of the wrong (purl) side

Picture 050
11. Close up of the right (knit) side

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Anonymous said...

Why Oh Why didn't I see this before when I tried the MKAL for the mitered cardi?!! I tore it out only to see now that I was doing it correctly the first time!! *facepalm*
Thank you for assuring me of my sanity even during times of stress. :D
knittinbunny, Ravelry