Friday, January 9

Dates for my diary

If you are anything like me, events creep up on you, and you leave it too late to book things (or you find something else clashes). This year I am hoping to actually plan ahead and get to some events further afield.

The Nottingham Machine Knitting show is on Sunday April 5th at the Harvey Haddon sports hall. I shall be going - if any local MKers reading this want to tag along/share transport they're more than welcome!

I also want to go to Wonderwool Wales (25th - 26th April), Woolfest (26th - 27th June) , and the Knitting and Stitching shows at the NEC (10th - 13th September) and at Ally Pally (8th - 11th October).

WW and WF are far enough away that it might be worth taking the tent. B&Bs can be expensive and fully booked - I'm happy as long as I can put the tent up somewhere. It's a new one, too, so it would be nice to try it out!

There is also Hobbycrafts/Sewing for Pleasure at the NEC (12th - 15th March). There's not always much in the way of yarn at HC, it's mostly (s)crapbooking (!) but the sewing side might be more interesting to me this time around.

Oh, and I want to visit the knitting and crochet museum at Lee Mills again, hopefully with some other KnitWits in tow. And the lace museum.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jane!
other than the first one are any of these specifically machine knitting? I'd like to add any event any where in the world to the calendar on the Podcasting Blog I'd assume its ok but .. let me know if not?
Keep on keepin on!