Thursday, January 8


I couldn't resist treating myself to this book just after Christmas - and it's excellent! It's always interesting buying books sight-unseen - is it full of typos? is it well-written? This book is spiral-bound, so you can have it open flat whilst you work, and there are tons of fantastic squares, circles, triangles, hearts, stars etc in here - a lot of which Edie designed herself. Yes, the ubiquitous granny square pops in at #112, but to be honest it's a good basic "staple". The colours really pop, there are some lovely illustrations of ideas for using the motifs (not sure how I feel about a bikini, but that's just me!) and even some charts in the back you can use to construct your own motifs. Not only that, but some interesting methods for invisible joins and fixing ruffled and bowled shapes. No stitch has been left untried, there are popcorns, post stitches, sideways stitches. Definitely worth a look, if you are interested in this sort of thing. Crochet terms are American.

Not affiliated, or anything. Just very chuffed with it!

First night back for the Coventry Knit Wits, and we had three new members. One of them had never knitted before, but by the end of the night she'd done three rows! I chattered my head off and only got two rows knitted, but I don't mind, I love to teach! It teaches me patience!

Apologies if you've visited my blog lately and the right hand bar was unreadable - I somehow managed to put loads of span statements calling for minute text in my recent "completed projects" post and it messed everything up. Thanks to TED over on the Blogger help forums for spotting my mistake - you're a star!

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