Friday, February 6

MK Challenge '09 - update

Reposting this in a shorter format, so that I can link to it, and because I added something for August and October

Jan: 2 colour slip stitch - made child's jumper (see post on Feb 1st)
Feb: Double jaquard
Mar: Garter bar
Apr: Pile stitch
May: Garter carriage
Jun: Passap linker
Jul: Passap intarsia carriage
Aug: Passap form program
Sep: PC10 punchcard maker - design own two-colour slip stitch card?
Oct: Garment using short-row shaping - either a sideways skirt, or a yoked sweater
Nov: Passap transfer carriage

Not sure what I am planning to make yet for February's challenge. It will probably be on the SK840, no cheating with a built-in pattern on the Passap.

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