Monday, February 9

The perils of not looking before you leap...

...or in my case, not weighing my swatch and estimating requirements, before embarking on a large garment. I've made a hip-length cardigan for the Cog, in a bottle green 4ply acrylic that I found (Bramwell Bracken, apparently). It was a large-enough looking cone, but I ran out midway through the second sleeve. I started the sleeve again on waste yarn, and had to unpick the swatch and the other cuff to make enough yarn to finish. The Cog chose a navy blue to finish the cuffs and collar - alas it's a 2ply so they are a bit weedy. He didn't seem to mind though. Spent about 4 hours sewing the flipping thing up yesterday, gave myself cramp. I need a sewing assistant methinks! I could've used the linker, I suppose, but hand-sewing gives the best finish, and the Cog wanted me to watch "From Russia With Love" with him.

Ironically, the editor's letter in Knitwords, received Saturday morning, talked about just this - ways to make the yarn go further by working alternative cuffs. Serves me right for powering ahead! Cardigan requires a front band - Knitware is telling me it needs 267 needles, so that won't be happening - I'll probably just do a few rows of crochet, that would be far easier.

Tried making a simple swatch on the Passap - I don't think it copes very well with industrial yarns unless it's a FNR or double-bed tuck pattern. Gave up in disgust, having established that the yarn in question was waay too thin for a garment as-is. I might need to see if I can dig out some weights, and try again.

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