Wednesday, March 11

Experiments in Slip Stitch Crochet

I can't take any credit for this - David has been working on this for a while, and says there's a whole website in the offing- coming soon hopefully! I thought I'd work up my own samples, to see what all the fuss is about. Hey presto, crochet with drape!

I originally "discovered" slip stitch crochet from a pattern in "Chain-free Crochet" by Belinda "Bendy" Carter, and then realised David had been exploring its possibilities too.

F = front loop only, B = back loop only, iF = front loop from behind, iB= back loop from behind. All crocheted in a DK yarn with an 8mm hook.

Every row F - this stitch has a line and a ridge like purls and is the same on both sides.

Every row B - looks like sideways stocking stitch, but is actually quite stretchy like garter stitch. Same on both sides.

Alternate rows of F and B

This stitch definitely looks like garter stitch on one side, the other side has more ridges.

Alternate rows of B and iF
This stitch has a "wrapped" or twisted line of bars on one side, and garter stitch ridges on the reverse.

Basketweave effect - 3iF,3B for 4 rows, then 3B,3iF for 4 rows. My favourite! The reverse side doesn't look like much.

Haven't managed to get my head round the "rib" stitches yet - they don't look anything much whilst you're working them, so (for me) it's easy to get lost and forget where I am. I should point out, most crafting is done in front of Star Trek in my house, unless it's machine knitting, which is banished to the front bedroom. I blame Worf, myself...

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Mar said...

This is so unusual. I crochet about once a year, but I will have to give these techniques a try. Some of them might be nifty on a baby blanket edge, or on a sweater instead of ribbing. Thank you for your instructions!

Vashti Braha said...

Great photos, thanks! I love what slip stitches can do. I'm glad people are getting the word out about them!