Tuesday, March 10

Poddling along...

Yes, I am still crafting. Blusa Queen inches forward VERY slowly - I'd done some 8 rows of sleeve before I realised that (a) again, the cast-on amount was wrong and (b) I needed to reposition the stitch pattern to get it central. I did post a translation here briefly, but took it down, as it could be construed as a copyright infringement, and I have no intention of getting into trouble! I have emailed Pinguion (I think - the website's in Brazilian) for permission. We shall see.

I also did a bit of test crochet for David at "My Yarnified Life" - increases and decreases in slip stitch crochet. They work very well. Can't wait to see the new website!

What else? Oh, I have been taking pictures for a new wiki at http://machineknitting.wikispaces.com/ - the idea is to create a log of knitting machines. I've also been writing and taking photographs for a crash course in machine knitting, which I will be running in June. I had planned to make sketches, but photographs are so much easier. I have a few Passap gadgets to photograph and add, after that it's twiddles and tweaks. I'm hoping the other Ravelry members can add their machines to the list.

Hasn't really been much crafting time at Chez Steelbreeze lately. Saturday the Cog took us to Stratford-Upon-Avon, a lovely little town already busy with tourists. It was sunny, windy and bitter on Saturday - finally got to visit a Paxton and Whitfields (cheese shop) although resisted getting anything. Bought some cherry tea, white hot chocolate powder and mint Lindors - the chocolate didn't last very long of course! Yesterday we were down south for a christening. Got there rather early, so popped to a local Beefeater pub for a drink (it was chucking it down). The restaurant had overflowed into the pub area and there was nowhere to sit that wasn't awash with toddlers and ketchup... so we spent a brief 45 minutes hoping the weather might change (it didn't). It's sad, but less and less pubs are just "pubs with food" - we passed two conversions into restaurants en route.

Oh, I did start a sock on the Passap last night with some fleece artist given to me. I should have paid more attention to the label, really - it's thicker than my usual sock yarn and is proving to be a bit of a struggle to knit. I got the foot made, but I might have to rib by hand, the machine is grinding over it.

This month's challenge is to get to grips with the garter bar. I think a small charity sweater with large purl stripes would be good practice and meet the challenge.

I've almost finished my sundress at sewing class. I need only take up the hem, and then treat any raw edges (should probably have done that before it was sewn up, but never mind). I can't remember what treatment my mum used to use - pinkng shears? Not sure. Talking of whom, she's still struggling with the concepts of wireless networking and getting online, so I hope to invite her over with the new laptop and try and get her started - she wants to get on an adult ed course, but they all seem to be fully-booked.

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Julie Spriddle said...

"My Yarnified Life" ? I shall have to google...

If your dress is made from a woven fabric, you'll need to oversew the raw edges to prevent it from fraying. Pinking sheers will do the trick in the short term, but may not hold up well to a washing machine!

Some sewing machines have a special edging stitch, but a normal zig-zag stitch works well. My preference is to oversew the edges before sewing the pieces together as it's less fiddly... But you can sew them once the garment is made up, just be careful to only have one edge under the foot at any time.

And take it slowly! :)