Sunday, March 29

I stumble and fall...

Thanks for the suggestions, Kath. Alas, the alternative project I picked up was a lace shawl in some slippery ladder yarn - after a few rows I decided I wasn't that much of a masochist and I frogged it. The yarn knits up OK on the chunky km, except for when it got caught on a gatepost and I didn't spot it for 80 rows. *sigh*. Yes, I'm ignoring all three machines at the moment.

Oh, and the Cog already has three guitars, and I have two (one's a bass, one's an acoustic). There's also my violin somewhere, and a basic keyboard. I think we have quite enough instruments in this house! :) I'm sure I'll think of something appropriate for his birthday, nearer the time. Perhaps a new pedal for the electric...

I have to admit I've also been rather distracted getting my new laptop to talk to the rest of the network. The Cog and I finally cracked it and got it talking to the printer, with a tweak on the PC and three bits of software on the Apple. Which is lucky, 'cause nobody on the official Apple forum replied :(

Frustrating morning in Cov, not least because I later remembered I'd meant to pick some things up for a swap - it was bitter and windy and I was quite glad to get back to my car with its new front tyres, even if it did come to over £100. Got home and put the fire on. Winter, it's time you left! Missing the hour today too - I technically overslept, except I didn't. Ah well. Lighter evenings here we come!

Current mood: determined

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