Wednesday, March 25


Ok this is gonna be a rant, so consider this a heads up...

Another set of drunks at knitting club tonight. This one insisted he could knit; insisted he could knit a jumper in an evening. I refused to teach him, although I did give him some already-started knitting. I was already supervising a knitter and a crocheter - I think that's more than enough for most people. He was drunk - his mate was really rather annoyed with him, and couldn't wait to get out of there.

Getting extremely tired of being passive and humouring these people. We are not some kind of cabaret (thanks Claire, couldn't have put it better), we are there to knit and chat and socialise with each other. Drunks not invited! And unfortunately it's getting to be a nuisance now.

I feel it's partly my responsibility - I should stand up and be stern - I am used to being quiet, putting up and shutting up. I don't like to be rude to strangers, especially drunken males. I'm not that muscular. Despite my outward persona I'm actually really quite shy and such confrontations make me really, really nervous.

But I have to admit, the three factors that I chose our current venue on (quietness, well-lit, no tvs) have gradually eroded. Our favourite corner (out of sight of the bar) is so poorly lit now you'd have trouble identifying your friend's drink. The bulbs are half out - energy saving apparently, but they've installed two TVs so that's bull. The music is often too loud, although they do turn it down if we ask. It's always too hot, too - the seats have heaters under them - they could save some frigging energy right there!

Coming home furious twice in one week? This has to stop. I need to get myself a pair of balls. If it's not fun anymore then something is wrong, and tonight it was not fun once the p*sshead turned up. Think a 'phone call to the manager might be n order tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

we moved city knitty on from its first venue when the number of blown bulbs got too ridiculous. we also got the odd drunk bothering us, but luckily there were pool tables to keep them busy. our second venue closed on us. we ended up in a cafe bar - it serves proper meals and most people who go there go to eat instead of just drink, so i think it's a better option, but I'm not really sure how successful it is since I only went about twice before moving to Chile!
the drunks though, really, they are the pits.