Tuesday, March 24

Meh: the knitting doldrums sound like this

Well, not really that much to report, lately. Blusa has stalled - can't decide whether to frog the whole upper arm (two day's work) which is straight, and re-crochet with increases, or whether to add some sort of mesh triangles instead - it'll be about 6cm at the arm scye either side, so not exactly a small amount. Damn my bingo wings! :(

Been bashing away at the Debbie Bliss cabled patchwork jacket. Mum "helpfully" pointed out that the back is really, really wide - I could almost wear the back as a shawl - and I really don't know if I can face frogging the whole thing! HST I could at least correct that cable cross I mis-charted. The pattern is only in two sizes, and I picked the larger one - I was one stone heavier at the time, but I seem to recall reading somewhere that DB patterns often come out large anyway.

The Cog's cardi is in a heap on the front bedroom floor. Made two button bands, but the cardi is too long to link in one section - and I tried anyway, and managed somehow to squish the band and make it look awful. I need to sit down and hand-sew it - I know this, but can't raise enthusiasm for it. And then it needs the cuffs frogging, and ribbing by hand, too.

So... in a bit of a ho-hum mood. I kind of feel as if all my projects are plotting against me! And I'm bloody-minded enough to keep on at them, even when I subconsciously know I won't like the outcome. I need to make a decision on the first two projects, stat, and get my butt into gear on the last one.

Ah yes, I did finish the Fleece Artist sock. Finished the rib on Friday night down the pub, haven't tried the sock on yet though 'cos fell into bed. And the sundress I've been making at college is pretty much finished, I just need to replace the ribbon with something longer. The less said about the actual course, the better; suffice to say I will not be re-enrolling next term.

On the bright side, I had a really cool "early birthday" this weekend (officially it was Monday but I was out 'til 9:50pm). The naughty Cog got me a MacBook Pro - second-hand, but pristine, so I have been playing around with it. So far I've surfed with it, and I've changed the wallpaper/screensaver. Bit rusty on the old Macs, and I was never an expert, but I'm looking forward to learning it. Might even ditch the desktop PC altogether eventually, 'cause I can't see why I'd need both?! No idea what I can get him for his b'day in November - how can I top that?!

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Kath said...

Here's my advice:

Knitting: Start something brand new with yummy yarn that you drool over and renew your enthusiasm. When you go back to the old projects you will have fresh eyes and new ideas.

Tiptop Male Birthday gift: Guitar. (Worked for me--I still hear him telling people about it!)