Tuesday, April 14

Clarisse update

I didn't manage to complete the tabard before this week's trip abroad with work. The instructions said to join the shoulder seams in such a way (wrong sides together) as to have the seam on the outside. Tried it and unpicked it - it looked terrible. Will finish it at the weekend I expect. Time was running out last night and I had to pack my suitcase. I need to seam both shoulders, sew up the neck (it's a cowl), add buttons and weave in the ends.

Stephanie, the tabard is supposed to be buttoned on each side with three buttons, making a fairly wide armhole. However, the instructions for placement are vague, and unfortunately they don't show in the photograph in the pattern. I decided I will just get six buttons and sew through them, as I don't plan on unbuttoning it anyway. That way I can get nice big buttons and not have to worry about whether they'll fit the buttonholes. It would be a pest to have to redo any buttonholes as I would also have to undo the shoulder seams.

Taking the DB patchwork aran to Holland - I made a mistake with it a few nights ago, so a few rows need to be frogged and the cables re-set, and then I'm away for 100-odd rows. Alas, no knitting needles on the flight; I daren't risk losing my "airline friendly" Denises.

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