Saturday, April 11

WIP: Clarisse tabard (Karabee designs)

Clarisse tabard
Originally uploaded by steel breeze

This is the back of a machine-knitted tabard, in tuck stitch and slip stitch (purl side is right side). For all those hand-knitters who say knitting machines are great for creating acres of stocking stitch, I say, voila! :)

Took a few attempts to get right, once I realised I needed to invert the colours for the slip stitch "braids" - eventually programmed them onto a memory card, because it was a pain switching between two mylars, and anyway the pattern wasn't getting read 100%.

Need to add ribbing to sides of front, add two neck pieces, join the shoulder seams, and we're done. It's amazing how the promise of two 3-day spells away from home focuses the mind, huh?

In other news, I have a sore throat, but I am blonde again. Yay!


Unknown said...

I love the texture you incorporated into your lovely tabard. I think I will make a tabard as soon as I get a chance. Are your sides open, buttoned, seamed part way?

Clarisse said...

You should have seen my face when I read the name of your tabard LOL!!! It's so beautiful and what timing. I've been trying to visualize slip stitch cables to use on an afghan, and your tabard design is just perfect. Great Job!

Clarisse >^..^<