Wednesday, May 27

CSM - things to try

Celticmemory, I didn't get the table in the previous pic. Dennis gets them made locally; that particular one was an aluminium casting that needed painting. I didn't get the yarn in the picture, either, but that is no big deal, I am hardly short of yarn!

I'm eyeing up the sock yarn packs at Web of Wool now. I need to practise:
  • Ribbing
  • Going from ribbing to stst, and back again?
  • Short-rowing

I also want to make a set-up bonnet - far quicker than using that setter-up spidery thing!

Marytheknit has given me some ideas for a size 7 sock:

30 rows rib then 60 rows stst (ankle)
60 row foot

on T4.5. That seems a bit loose, but I will give it a go. Even if it's too big it's a starting point for calculating something that fits.

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Lise said...

OMG, did the header at the top of your blog always do the knitting thing? That is the coolest thing EVER.