Wednesday, June 3

Lace and cables

I'm still alive, never fear!

I've made about three inches of a braid in Bobbin lace class - it has a kelly green border. I got the hang of the pattern this week, and really got into it, despite a few mistakes. I hope the thread and bobbins I ordered turn up before next Monday, I want to get cracking! Next week I get to make a bookmark, so I want time to wind the bobbins beforehand, because that is time-consuming.

Lace-making is addictive, it must be said. I enjoyed making the pattern appear and following the lines. Looks like the course may transfer to a different school next "year" (September) - if I'm still hooked I shall be there!

On the knitting front, I've now made the back and both fronts of the DB patchwork cabled aran, using the yarn from the original back and half front in the larger size. Shows you how much bigger it was! Now knitting a sleeve with virgin cotton and thinking about the various ways of increasing invisibly inside moss stitch.

The weather's been fantastic lately and it's no fun being stuck indoors, even WITH air-con. Oh well - I have a day off booked next week, to go to a lace musuem with a friend.

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Fred said...

I use a company called Mainly Lace. I'll see if I can find their details online to bring with me as my PC is erm hiccuped right now!