Monday, July 13

Odds and sods and Weavemasters

Spent a large part of Saturday sewing some trousers. They came out OK. I need to add a hook and eye to finish them (and some tape for hanging them up). I got a bit confused on the waistband, so put it together how I thought. I also did a lot of sample knitting and crocheting (for the fancy yarn afghan). I tried knitted the sari ribbon yarn I picked up at Woolfest, but it is really too stiff - it crochets up with a 10mm hook ok though!

Seem to have mislaid my 2mm hook since the Godiva festival, so that is on hold whilst I get a third replacement. Gah!

Weavemasters come up on Ebay from time to time - expect to pay silly money though (they originally retailed for £80). I advertised for mine in a machine knitting magazine. It's ok as a device, but a proper table loom is far better, the shed is bigger IMHO.

Finished a second lace bookmark yesterday (bar adding a fringe). This one has pink squares in whole stitch, and little "spiders". It was a lot of fun! Just had notice that the demo I was giving next week is cancelled, so I can go to the last class after all.

Current mood: happy

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