Wednesday, July 8

OT: Oasis at the Ricoh arena

It was chucking it down as we arrived .There were queues to get in, despite us being divided into gates. Inside? Hell on earth. There was a massive crush on the stairs - the design of the arena is such that seated and standing audience have to use the same route to get to their seats/the pitch. Made the mistake of popping to the loo before Oasis came on, and it took me half an hour to get around the stadium to the outside portaloos with only a small queue. The crush on the stairs broke into song: "You don't know what you're doing!".

I think a lot of the problems could have been solved by having admissions via the other side of the building (this has a swanky foyer), thus easing the load. Also having IN stairs and OUT stairs would help no end. Once you got inside the screens indicated the left hand side was less packed. Ah, bolting the gate afterwards, how kind!

The gig was great (apart from having unidentified liquids thrown over us at regular intervals), but the venue rather spoilt it for me. It even stopped raining. Liam got boos when he dedicated a song to "the real Sky Blues" (Man city). Uh, yeah, this is a football ground?

The carparking is £20 (or £10 for "park and walk to a field"). Plus another £2 if you help them out and prebook (surely they should reward people with planning?). The NEC charges £8 to park and is far better served by public transport and motorways - we often park at the next station and take the train. The Ricoh? They're having a laugh! Never going to a gig there ever again, I don't care who it is!

Enough said.

My crochet-a-day calendar is featuring a 3 part pattern on how to dress up a gingerbread cookie cutter. Why would anyone want to waste their time on making dresses for their cookie cutters? Whatever next - a cosy for all my spoons?! :)

Bit confused about a remark made at the MJ funeral - "he gave us "We are the World" before Live Aid" .... well, Band Aid was first in the UK and then became Live Aid....

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