Monday, November 15

FO: Galena

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Yeah, not a great picture, but it was 10pm when the photo was taken thus no natural light. Fits like a dream, very smooshy, I love Doris Chan's stuff! This is from "Everyday Crochet" - I want to make more things from this book! :)

I spent a happy hour or two messing about with the fine gauge knitting machine - the lace carriage works (mostly) - still the odd dropped stitch. Made a swatch which is now awaiting washing.

As soon as I finished Galena, I cast on a sock with the leftover Sirdar Crofter. Yes, I am incorrigible - I have yarn, still in the hallway, bought specifically for knitting xmas socks on the standard machine. And yet here I am, making a sock, in a probably highly unsuitable acrylic mix. It's not even a tubular pattern - guess Sirdar thought using DPNs was a bit too technical for the UK market? Alas, I don't have any of the bigger DPNS (above 3mm), so flat it shall remain. Looks like a kind of slouch sock.

No, I don't understand me sometimes, either! :)

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