Tuesday, November 16

Sad but true

You disgust me

Yes, the rumours are true. The KnitCamp Disorganiser has been overheard discussing her latest financial venture in a cafe in Coventry.

I seriously regret ever meeting her. She was alongside us at the Ricoh arena (Made in Coventry) event in 2007 - she was running some sort of crapbooking business, fancy pens and stamps, so I have to admit I didn't pay much attention. She has been nothing but trouble and has caused other members of my knitting club to stop attending (in case she turned up - she rarely did, and is now persona non grata as far as I am concerned).

Where's the money you owe us tutors? Yes, you remember, the £23k. You better hope you sell a lot of yarn on Ebay...

I honestly don't know how you sleep at night. You have no guilt and no shame. You were always banging on about Jesus (or how you prayed about something). I'm sorry, I don't recognise your version of that deity. Seems a mighty convenient God that would let you pull this kind of stunt and be forgiven, no questions asked. Better pray hard, woman - you pissed off a large amount of knitters both sides of the pond, so I can't imagine who you think will be your new customer base. Presumably only the folks without internet - mostly the older ladies who like acrylic?

I keep forgetting. You live in la-la land, with the fluffy bunnies. You're innocent, and we're all hateful, nasty people, who won't travel and won't buy your overpriced yarn. I never leave my house, ya know.

The internet shop made me laugh - "Coventry's best yarn shop, now open 7 days a week". Because before she went online, they used to close the internet at the weekend, ya know?! Well, nobody was using it...

It's like Mystic Yarns all over, except without the attempt to dye unsuitable yarns - but watch carefully, all bets are off! I'm fully expecting a new dyeing expert to emerge on the scene at any minute.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. My arse!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps we can suggest group therapy for her with people who actually *have* PTSD. That might sort her out. Permanently.

Fred said...

"fluffy bunnies"

Hey nowt wrong with fluffy bunnies, ask the Duracell company.