Wednesday, November 17

Onwards and sideways...


I spent a few hours last night trying to make a flat fairisle sock. My first attempt started at the top of the heel - went ok until I tried to cast on the width for the ankle, and realized that trying to start fair-isle wasn't really going to work.

The second attempt I started with a ribbed top, scrapped off half of the sock on waste yarn when I got to the heel, and then knitted heel-sole-toe-top of foot. That one came out ok but needs sewing up.

Around 10pm, I realized I could have ditched the waste yarn and just held one side, thus making a sock with only one side seam. Yeah, I'm not the brightest of sparks, am I?! Serves me right for not planning it better.

My machine SK840 doesn't really like knitting with two ends of 2ply lambswool. I'm pretty sure the Brother could cope with it though. The SK840 just seems a lot tighter, somehow. You want a firm tension for a sock, ideally.

I've got the CSM (Circular Sock Machine) on the back seat of my car today (the large suitcase it's in does not fit in my diddy boot). The manager of the bar where we meet has asked for a banner - nothing like a last minute challenge - and I got talked into taking my machine in. Hopefully someone'll bring some green yarn for the background. I've also brought some pompom makers. It might end up a bit kitsch!

To the lady who commented on an old post about crochenit, I must confess I got the special hook and some books on it, and have done nothing. I don't have a lot of DK yarn in the house and I've a terrible habit of buying these gadgets and then not using them. I am a serial gadget and book collector. I'm sure there is probably a crochenit group on Ravelry though, you might have better luck there!

I will try to get playing with some of my redundant tools this Christmas - I've a table loom begging to be warped up too. Too many hobbies, not enough free time.

Addendum: finished sock above - needs a few more stitches in the leg area because it's a bit tight, and I need to design a smaller snowflake pattern I think.

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