Tuesday, January 17

MKKI event - update

Well, this weekend my memory stick decided to wipe the contents of the directory I’ve been keeping all the MKKI day records in. Luckily I have managed to recreate the documents I need, and the rest is on my email program.

So far we’ve 7 people coming. A gentle warning to people who originally expressed an interest but haven’t yet paid - this event is now up on the UK Guild website, and it will be appearing in the newsletter which is due out soon. Payment secures your place on the list, places will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. I am limiting it to 20 places, as the room won’t comfortably hold more than that.

If the event is a success, I'm thinking maybe next year (or later on this year) I could run it further north (I'm thinking about Metropolitan, but I will have to ask first - and it's not quite so acessible as regards public transport). We shall see - I want to see how this goes first I think.

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Phil said...

Well I would defo come if it was further north! :-) Hope its a success