Tuesday, January 17

Sock off...

Just for posterity, this is the recalcitrant sock right before I ripped it off the needles:


And this is a rather blurry pic of it on my foot:


It's ok actually - I think it fits ok, although there seems to be a hole in it. No matter - when I get some time, it will be frogged right back. Lifelines will be in use when I try again - but thanks to Bindeej on Ravelry, I have some Regia pompon so I might just finish those socks first. Nice, simple rounds of stocking stitch. No pattern to try and follow whilst watching tv.

In machine knitting "news", this is a close-up of the garment I am working on:


It's passap pattern 1138 I think, it's in the E6000 pattern book.

I have made a cut and sew v neck and am now desperately trying to do the special passap neck on it. Currently it's mounted on the machine, I think I probably should have cut it a bit closer to the stitching. It's giving me hot sweats and I've left it somewhat crucified on the back bed, whilst I try to decide whether to carry on or take it off and trim it. I already managed to sew the parts together wrong already (ie not right sides together) and had mounted it on the machine before I realised, hence the slow progress. I'll only have an hour tonight and then no more free time until Friday night. Trying to take it slowly so that it doesn't turn out like a pig's ear. Anyone who knows me will know just HOW hard that is for me! :)

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