Monday, August 20

Busy doing nothing...

...nothing the whole day through. Trying to find lots of things not to do! (no, I'm not sure who sang that, I got it from a tv advert!)

No machine-knitting happened this weekend - the weather's been hot (28degs C) and humid, and this weekend it was cooler just to sit in the sun and hand-knit (I tried reading the newspaper, but gave up - eyesight just can't do it now).

Here is a picture of the old castle on the hill overlooking Baden-Baden:


A shot of Strasbourg cathedral:


and a 16th century merchant's house, immediately next to the cathedral:


I DID finish the thick green socks for the Cog - finally! I've had a few false starts on heel and toe, but finally managed to finish without dropping any more stitches. So of course I immediately cast on a pair for myself, in the pink colourway.

I was supposed to be knitting a 42" chest garment for this year's Dream Week challenge. Although I had a few vague ideas, I've only got two weeks now and I reckon even if I did make something, it would be obvious if it was rushed. So I'm not sure I'll enter this year. No point forcing myself to make something if it's going to be a chore - and those types of garments somehow seem to give the machines more fits! As if the machine knows you're on a deadline, and decide to make it worse!

Good news on the health front also - I have a pre-op appointment booked for mid-September in London. Can't wait! :)

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