Sunday, August 05, 2012

Free pattern: Chunky machine baby hats

Charity hats

Yarn weight: James C Brett Marble chunky, which is an aran weight yarn
Machine: Brother KH260 machine (9mm)
Tension: MT=6

Cast on 46 sts in waste yarn. Knit 1 row ravel cord. RC000, knit 11 rows MT-1, knit 1 row T10 (fold row), knit 12 rows MT (RC24). Pick up cast on row and hang loops onto needles. Knit 1 row MT+1, then knit using MT to R54. Transfer every other stitch to its neighbour, knit 2 rows MT-1, knit 2 rows MT-2. Break yarn leaving length for sewing up, thread through open loops and draw up. Sew up side seam and weave in ends.

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Tatiana said...

Beautiful hats!