Wednesday, August 29

Worldvision Knit for Kids - MK diagram pattern

guideposts tee top
(Click on the pic for a larger version)

Somebody requested the pattern on Ravelry, and I suddenly realised I never got around to sharing this schematic online, so I'm correcting that now. I use this diagram a lot, it's a very quick reference for various gauges of yarn and machine.

The original handknit pattern is here - when I started making these, it was from the Guideposts website but Worldvision has taken it over now. The handknitting pattern calls for two T shapes to be knitted - I decided to make mine in one piece because it's two less seams to sew up. The handknit and crochet patterns are in a range of sizes, but because of limitations to the machine's width, I stuck with the smallest design.

To do the neckline, I cast off the indicated number of stitches and then immediately e-wrap cast on over the empty needles, and wrap the yarn around the nearest shoulder needle so that when the next row is knitted, there is no gap in the knitting. If you leave a 12" end when starting (I usually do 8 rows rib) and another 12" end when finishing, you can use those ends to sew up the side seams.

The pattern is really easy to do, and a great no-brainer use for leftover yarn.

I did submit this pattern to Guide Posts, but it never showed up online for some reason. Well, whatever! Enjoy!

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